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2023瑞士在台教育展 Swiss Education Fair in Taiwan (瑞士教育推廣聯盟 Swiss Education Promotion Alliance)

2024 瑞士在台教育展 Swiss Education Fair in Taiwan
10/26 (六) 13:00-16:30 詳細資訊敬啟期待
台北 W飯店 W Hotel Taipei 11樓 策略會議室

介紹林肯(Introduction Lincoln MGT, Taiwan)

歡迎來到台灣最俱規模及權威的瑞士教育諮詢公司-林肯顧問公司 瑞士教育諮詢中心成立1994年已有20年歷史專業與親切輔導許多學生到瑞士就讀菁英寄宿中學,夏令營及瑞士大學, 林肯瑞士教育中心代理30多家瑞士最頂尖的學校, 包括知名瑞士菁英住宿中學及瑞士HTW Chur大學及瑞士飯店觀光管理大學 瑞士商學院,及瑞士夏令營,其中許多知名瑞士菁英住宿中學都是世界排名Top Ranking,瑞士高品質認證。

Welcome to largest Swiss Education Consulting company in Taiwan: Lincoln~ Swiss Education Promotion Center. More than 30 Swiss Schools authorized Lincoln Management as Representative  in Taiwan. to promote world-class and Top quality  Swiss Schools include  Swiss Boarding schools & Swiss Universities, Swiss Hotel Management schools and Swiss Business and Swiss summer camps programs.

Established in 1994,Lincoln Education,is experienced in assisting students with their plans to study in Switzerland. Our friendly in-house consultants all having studied abroad,and we have established ourselves as a trustworthy organization among students and parents. We welcome students and parents visit our office and to join a number of seminars each Saturday.

Welcome to largest Swiss Education Promotion center in Taiwan—Lincoln Management Consultants.

我們的服務(Our services):

  1. 你自己或您的孩子找一所住宿校或大學不是一項容易的任務,我們會協助選適合你們的學校。
    Choosing a boarding school or university for yourself or your children is not an easy task.
  2. 我們在台灣助您安排到瑞士參觀住宿校或大學或林肯合作推廣優質飯店學校。
    We are here to help you to organize your visit to Switzerland to visit the boarding schools or Swiss Hotel schools.
  3. 我們定期舉辦瑞士教育推廣活動,讓學校與家長學生見面或安排校內考試及面試。
    We organize Swiss Education Events,Seminars for quality Swiss schools to meet parents and students. We assist schools conduct entrance Examination and arrange interview.