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2023瑞士在台教育展 Swiss Education Fair in Taiwan (瑞士教育推廣聯盟 Swiss Education Promotion Alliance)

QS世界排名晉升 &“雇主聲譽”世界“前十 Top 10”







HTMi Accelerates Up QS World Ranking 2020 & Worlds “Top Ten” for “Employer Reputation”

In addition to our 2020 European EMCup ranking: “4th in Europe, 1st in Switzerland”, we are now delighted to announce our latest 2020 global QS University ranking for hospitality and leisure has leapt up to rank 17.

This rank shows the largest improvement of any school globally (including Switzerland) within the world’s 2019 top 25 universities for hospitality and leisure, with an amazing 32% improvement in rank 2020 compared to 2019.

An excellent result is HTMi has moved into the QS world’s “top ten” for “Employer Reputation”.

We are also delighted to announce that we remain well within “top 10” in Switzerland Hotel Schools.

We would like to thank all of our excellent students, teachers and international partners, for contributing to our global excellence in our HTMi vision to be a “Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World”.

HTMi International Development Group