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2023瑞士在台教育展 Swiss Education Fair in Taiwan (瑞士教育推廣聯盟 Swiss Education Promotion Alliance)

恭喜瑞士HTMi飯店管理大學 2020 EMCup歐洲盃榮獲頂尖瑞士飯店管理學校

HTMi祝賀我們的學生Martina Leep、Renee de Bruyn、Rakiya Akimalieva、Adnan Kulenovic和Dan Nguyen在整個比賽中表現出傑出的專業精神和奉獻精神並堅持最高的HTMi標準。還要感謝教練Anthony Lack先生和Tudor Campan先生對團隊的領導和指導,以實現這一偉大的比賽里程碑。我們期待下一場EMCup 2021競賽。

瑞士HTMi非常自豪地宣布,它在EMCup 2020年連續第二年躋身歐洲前9名飯店管理學校之列,在辯論賽第二輪的18所學校中最終也領先於瑞士飯店管理學校,最終九所學校的最後階段。來自馬特里赫特(Maastricht)的兩個激動人心的競賽日來自17個國家的36所飯店管理學校,有180多名學生參加。瑞士HTMi在其評委室中的四家飯店學校中贏得了第一個銷售宣傳的冠軍。另一個傑出的成就是團隊成員Adnan Kulenovic在晚宴上宣布的大約180名學生中獲得了“履歷申請獎”的總冠軍。

EMCup是歐洲最佳飯店管理學院之間的年度競賽,它為學生提供了機會,使他們的願景和想法有所不同。這也是學生與領先的飯店公司的行業專家進行聯繫並討論工作的絕佳機會。這些學生由一個商業評審團評判,該評審團由來自42個不同公司的70多位飯店專業人士組成。這些公司是領先的飯店公司,例如希爾頓、洲際飯店集團、萊昂納多飯店、凱賓斯基飯店及度假村、溫德姆飯店及度假村,HRC International、Heineken、學生飯店、倫敦海運集裝箱公司等等。



比賽前,學生團隊進行了幾次作業。他們必須進行社交媒體宣傳,以提高品牌對EMCup及其主題的認識。除此之外,團隊還必須撰寫一份學術論文,該論文由Business Jury成員進行評分,並且需要製作一分鐘的視頻和團隊照片,以突出團隊和今年的主題。比賽期間,各團隊發表了他們的學術論文。此外,他們還進行了第二場比賽,他們得到了40分鐘的準備時間。根據前面所有元素的結果,每個陪審團室中排名前2的團隊都進入了前18名的排名,他們在辯論中必須與之抗衡。從辯論中,排名前9的學校有機會向廣大聽眾詳細闡述他們在最終銷售推銷中的情況。

Anthony Lack–活動教育與計劃負責人

CONGRATULATIONS to HTMi Switzerland Team – Top Swiss Hotel School in European EMCup 2020

HTMi would like to congratulate our students Martina Leep, Renee de Bruyn, Rakiya Akimalieva, Adnan Kulenovic and Dan Nguyen for showing outstanding professionalism and dedication and upholding the highest HTMi standards during the whole competition. Thanks also to the coaches Mr. Anthony Lack and Mr. Tudor Campan for their leadership and guidance of the team in reaching the final of this great competition milestone. We look forward to the next EMCup 2021 competition.

HTMi Switzerland is very proud to announce that for the second year it came within the top 9 European hotel schools during the EMCup 2020, also ending up ahead of Swiss Hotel Management Schools in both the second round of 18 schools in the debates round and finally to the final stage of nine schools. 36 hospitality schools from 17 countries with more than 180 students participated during two exciting competition days in Maastricht. HTMi Switzerland was the winner of the first sales pitch amongst four hotel schools in their jury room. Another outstanding achievement was that team member Adnan Kulenovic was the overall “Winner of the Resume Application Award” amongst approximately 180 students announced at the gala dinner.

The EMCup is the annual competition amongst the best European Hotel Management Schools and offers students the chance to make a difference with their visions and ideas. It was also a marvellous opportunity for students to network with industry professionals from leading hotel companies and discuss jobs. The students were judged by a Business Jury, consisting of more than 70 hospitality professionals from 42 different companies. These companies were amongst the leading hospitality companies such as Hilton, IHG, Leonardo Hotels, Kempinski Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, HRC International, Heineken, Student Hotels, Sea Containers London and many more.

The 12th edition of the EMCup was held in Maastricht, The Netherlands on the 16th & 17th of February 2020. This year’s theme is “Battle of the Brands – Will Hotel Chains Survive, in the Battle for Guest Loyalty?”

Some Detail :

The teams of students conducted several assignments prior to the competition. They had to set-up a social media campaign to increase brand awareness on the EMCup and its theme. Besides that, the teams had to write an academic paper, which was graded by the Business Jury members and needed to create a one-minute video and team photo highlighting the team and this year’s topic. The teams pitched their academic paper during the competition days. Furthermore, they worked on a second pitch as well, where they were given 40 minutes to prepare for. Based on the results of all the previous elements the top 2 teams of every jury room were part of the ranking of the top 18 where they had to battle it out during the debates round. From the debates the top 9 schools received the opportunity to elaborate on their case in the grand final sales pitch to a large audience.

Anthony Lack – Head of Events Education and Planning