萊辛Leysin (8~12歲)      萊辛Leysin (13~17歲)                關於SLC

1. 住宿Accomodation

1.1 標準雙人房和高級雙人房有什麼不同?
What is the difference between a Double Standard Room and a Double Deluxe Room?

The main differences are made in the view that the room offers and in the furniture that is placed inside. Deluxe rooms have newer and more modern and design equipment. Most Deluxe rooms have a balcony with view on the lake (Neuchâtel) or on the Alps (in Leysin).

1.2 房間裡有浴室嗎?Is there a bathroom in the room?


All rooms, Standard and Deluxe, offered by SLC have a bathroom with toilet and shower.

1.3 我會和誰一起住雙人房呢?With whom do I share the Double Room?


We have the tendency of putting students of different nationality and similar age together if there is no other special request before course start. Usually for groups we will accommodate the students in double rooms together. Pairs will be made according to age and gender.

1.4 在我離開前需要整理房間嗎?Do I have to clean my room on my own when I leave?


The rooms will be cleaned every week by the housekeeping department. Towels and bed linen will be changed. You have to keep your room clean throughout your stay and also when you leave. Yourself and our staff will be checking.

1.5 我可以把我的房間上鎖嗎?Can I lock the door to my room?


In Leysin, the rooms are normally unlocked and you do not automatically receive room keys during your stay. However you have the possibility of paying a refundable deposit of CHF 150.- or EUR 120.- for a room key. In case of loss of the room key there will be no refund of the deposit. Deposit will be refunded once keys are returned at the end of the stay. In Neuchâtel, the rooms are locked and you will get a key. In case of lost, SLC will ask for a reimbursement of 40.- CHF.

1.6 房間會有保險箱讓我放我的錢和貴重物品嗎?
Is there a safe in my room where can I keep my pocket money and my valuables?


No there are no safes in the rooms. Pocket money, ID’s and valuables may be handed over against receipt to SLC Centre Manager on arrival day. These items will be accessible on given times/days during the week.

1.7 我可以使用網路嗎?房間可以連到網路嗎?
Can I use the Internet? Do I have Internet access in my room?


In our  3 course centers, in Leysin and Neuchâtel, we have free internet areas available. Should you take your own laptop with you, you will be able to access to internet in most parts of the building.

1.8 我需要自備毛巾和毯子嗎?
Do I have to bring my own towel and blankets?


In all rooms are towels and bed linen available. However, you should bring your own towel for the Swimming pool / lake.

1.9 營隊中心裡有游泳池嗎?Is there a swimming pool available in the course centre?


No, none of our course centers has a swimming pool. However, there is a swimming pool in Leysin, about 10 minutes from the course center. In Neuchâtel, it is possible to go to the lake, which is 5 minutes from the course center. Excursions to the Swimming pool will be organized every week and an excursion to the Aquaparc is planned at least every second week for all our students in Leysin centers.


 2. 餐點Meals

2.1 我有特別的飲食要求,這樣會有問題嗎?
I have special diet requests. Is it a problem?


All the meals are served in buffet-style. Participants have the possibility to select what they want to eat among a large selection of dishes. Salads, desserts and drinks are also available. Should you have a food allergy, we ask you to inform us in advance.

2.2 餐點會包括在課程費用嗎?
What meals are included in the course price?

SLC提供全膳,這表示夏令營課程惠包含早、午、晚餐,週末:早午餐和晚餐。SLC offers full board. This means that a stay at SLC summer camps includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Weekends: Brunch and dinner.


3. 抵達/離開Arrival / Departure

3.1 我搭飛機抵達,我需要事先提供SLC什麼資訊,我的接送服務如何完成呢?
I arrive by plane. Which information must I send to SLC in advance and how will my pick-up be done?


Please let us know your full flight details in written not later than 2 weeks before course start, as follows:


  • 出發機場Airport of Departure
  • 航空公司及航班號碼Company and Flight number
  • 抵達日內瓦的日期與時間Arrival Date and Time in Geneva


  • 目的地機場Airport of Destination
  • 航空公司及航班號碼Company and Flight Number
  • 離開日內瓦的日期與時間Departure Date and Time from Geneva

如果您向航空公司預訂無同行之未成年者服務,必須通知SLC辦公室或是所申請課程的當地代表。您應該向SLC課程中心申請個人接乘服務,我們代表會在出境大廳迎接。我們工作人員會穿著藍色或紅色SLC POLO衫,請注意上面SLC的標誌!日內瓦機場離萊辛和紐沙特有1小時45分鐘的車程。

If you have booked a UM (Unaccompanied Minor) service with the airline, this should be announced to the SLC office or to our local representative you have booked your course through. Should you have booked an individual transfer to and from the SLC course center, a SLC representative will greet you at the arrival area, once you have passed the Customs. Our staff will be wearing BLUE or RED SLC polo shirts. Watch out for our SLC, Swiss Language Club logo! The GenevaAirport is about 1 hour 45 minutes from Leysin and Neuchâtel.

3.2 我在機場等候可是找不到SLC工作人員,該怎麼辦呢?
I am waiting at the airport and cannot find a SLC staff member. What shall I do?


In general, our staff will be waiting at the airport before your plane lands. If you cannot find or SLC staff, you can call our SLC emergency number, sent to you before camp.

3.3 我應該要訂什麼時候的班機呢?你們能幫我代訂嗎?
Which days should I book my travel for? Can you book my trip for me?


Arrival days are on Sundays and Departure days are on Saturdays. Unfortunately we do not book your trip from your home country to Switzerland for you. You can do that in your home country with a travel agent or our local representative.

3.4 我住在瑞士而且搭乘公車前往營區,需要在什麼時候以及在哪裡會合呢?
I live in Switzerland and I am travelling by bus from the Swiss German part to the course center. When and where exactly is the meeting point?


You can find the arrival and departure details for the bus trip for Swiss students below. Our staff will be travelling with the bus.

Departure from Zürich Sihlquai Bus parking 12h30 Egerkingen COOP Parking, Gäupark next to Highway exit 13h30Bern Bus Parking Schützenmatte near Main Railway station 14h20 Arrival in Montreux: 15h30 Arrival in Leysin: 16h30

Arrival in Bern Bus Parking Schützenmatte near Main Railway station 10h30 Egerkingen COOP Parking, Gäupark next to Highway exit 11h30 Zürich Sihlquai Bus parking 12h30

3.5 我會和我家人開車前往,我們可以在哪裡停車呢?
I will travel with my parents by car. Where can we park the car?

Neuchâtel: We recommend to park your car next to the train station.

紐沙特:我們建議您停在火車站旁 。

Leysin: There are parking spots available at the SLC course center.



4. 遠足/周末活動Excursions / Weekend activities

4.1 什麼是“Hot Sports Bonus”?
What is the “Hot Sports Bonus” and for what can I use it?

所有參加者會收到一個禮拜CHF40.-額度的“Hot Sports Bonus”,可以用在運動和休閒活動或是額外遠足活動。額度是包含在課程費用裡的。預定所有活動需於星期一完成。請注意,為了實行活動和遠行,部分是有名額限制的。活動費用記載於手冊上。

All participants receive a “Hot Sports Bonus” of a weekly  amount of CHF 40.- which can be used for sports and leisure activities or additional excursions. This bonus is already included in the course price. Bookings for all activities are done on Monday for the entire week program. Please note that some activities and excursions may have a maximum and minimum number of participants in order to be carried out. Prices of activities are stated in the brochure.

4.2 我想要訂雙人飛行傘行程,我需要特別許可嗎?
I would like to book a tandem paragliding. Do I need a special permission?


Yes, you need a written parental authorization should you wish to book a tandem paragliding flight.

4.3 有可能將額外語言課程與其他活動結合在一起嗎?
Is it possible to combine extra language classes with all the activities?


The extra language courses can be combined with all the activities. These extra classes are usually organized during the students’ free time. None of the organized activities will be missed.


5. 簽證與保險Visa and insurance

5.1 我需要為了營隊投保額外健康及意外保險嗎?
Must I subscribe to an extra Health and Accident Insurance for the camps?


Only non EU nationals must contract the Swiss Health and Accident Insurance provided by the school. EU nationals should carry a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) during their stay in Switzerland. Generally, in case of accident or sickness, costs are to be paid directly on site by the student. The EHIC or the Swiss Health and Accident Insurance will allow the student once returned to her/his country to be reimbursed by her/his own insurance.

5.2 我需要瑞士簽證,你們有提供辦簽證服務嗎?
I need a visa for my stay in Switzerland. Do you offer Visa service?


Please note that you have to apply for your Visa in your country directly or via our local representative.


6. 預定/付款Booking / Payments

6.1 我需要在什麼時候訂我在SLC的課程呢?
How far ahead should I book my course at SLC?


We advise you to book as early as possible to make sure that there are still available places. Until April we normally have availabilities for all courses.

6.2 我可以用信用卡支付嗎?
Can I pay by credit card?


No, all payments should be done by bank transfer. Please note that all prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF). All payments must be done in this currency only.

6.3 我可以在哪裡兌換外幣呢?
Where can I change money?


In Switzerland you normally need Swiss Francs. But you can usually also pay in Euros. Money can be changed at the bank in Leysin and Neuchâtel.

6.4 需要提前支付多少課程費用呢?
How much in advance must I pay my course cost?


A deposit payment of CHF 300.- should be done upon receipt of the invoice.The balance should be paid 6 weeks before arrival. Should you receive your invoice less than 6 weeks before starting date of the program, please arrange full payment immediately. For foreign students we advise to pay all course cost in one payment so that additional bank charges can be avoided.

6.5 我可以延長我在SLC的時間嗎?
Can I extend my stay at SLC?


Should there be available places, it is possible to extend your stay at SLC. However, it is not guaranteed. We ask you to inform the Camp manager as soon as possible so that we can do the necessary bookings.

6.6 課程費用包含了什麼呢?
What exactly is included in the course fees?

課程費用包含了學費、課程教材、標準雙人房費用(高級房或是單人房會額外付費)、所有的餐點、基本午間和傍晚休閒課程、每週兩天半的遠足、週六遠行、水上樂園門票(於萊辛中心,每兩週一次)、歐洲公園入場卷(於紐沙特,每兩週一次)、Hot sports bonus (每週CHF40.-)、SLC成員證、上述提及設施的使用權以及SLC T-Shirt。

The course fees include tuition, course material, accommodation in double standard room (for deluxe, or single room, extra charge will apply), all meals as described, standard leisure program in the afternoon and evening, 2 half day excursions/week, Saturday excursion, Aquaparc entrance (every 2 weeks in Leysin), Europapark entrance (every 2 weeks in Neuchâtel) Hot sports bonus (CHF 40.-/week), SLC member card, use of all club facilities as described and a SLC T-Shirt.

6.7 註冊後我該怎麼變更我的課程呢?需要額外的費用嗎?
Can I change my program after enrolment? Are there any additional costs involved?


This depends on the change you want to make. We are ready to do the requested changes. However, additional costs may be charged. If you are uncertain about what is best for you, please contact us before enrolling and we can give you advice.


7. 語言課程Language classes

7.1 每個班及平均有多少學生呢?
What is the average number of students per class?


To allow a lot of personal attention to each student, we have classes of approx. 12-13 students.

7.2 如果程度不符可以換班嗎?
Can I change class should the level not be adequate?


Yes, if necessary, the level of class can be changed after talking with your teacher.

7.3 在SLC時我可以學到一種以上的語言嗎?
Is it possible to learn more than one language during my stay at SLC?


There are following possibilities doing two language classes during the Camp:

  • 早上學習一種語言,下午以額外會話課學習其他語言(4堂課/週)

One language in the morning and the other language in the afternoon as additional conversation classes (4 lessons/ week)

  • 第一週學一種語言,第二週學其他語言(可以選擇或不要額外會話課)

One language in the first week, the other language in the second week (with or without additional language classes)


8. 其他Various

8.1 萊辛和紐沙特的天氣如何呢?我需要帶什麼樣的衣物?
How is the weather like in Leysin and Neuchâtel, and what kind of clothes shall I bring with?


In general, Neuchâtel enjoy a mild climate in summer. Leysin is more in the mountain and the climate can be cooler, especially in the evenings. Depending on the weather forecast it can be cool in the evenings in the three campuses. We suggest you to take long trousers and a warm jumper with you as well as a raincoat, walking and sports shoes.

8.2 行裡需要準備什麼呢?
What else can I pack in my baggage?


In addition to the clothes we listed in 8.1 you should take following things with you: Toiletries, leisure clothing, towel, sports items and bathing suit, writing material, indoor-shoes, dictionary, ID, personal medicine if needed, music instruments, games, tennis racket. Please pack only necessary items and clothing.

8.3 有可能在營區洗衣服嗎?
Is it possible to do the laundry at the camp?


It is possible in both course centers to use washing machines for your laundry. Pre-paid cards can be arranged at both course centers. The SLC staff will be there to provide assistance. The cost is approx. CHF 5.- / for a bag of clothes.

8.4 我應該準備多少零用金呢?
How much pocket money should I take with me?


We recommend a minimum of CHF 50. – / week (EUR 35.-) as pocket money for gifts, souvenirs and snacks.

8.5 我的家人可以來SLC看我嗎?
Can my parents visit me during my stay at SLC?


Visits of parents are welcome but should be communicated beforehand to the SLC head office or the SLC course centre.


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